Overview of the SITI


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The SITI Laboratory (Suivi Immunologique des Thérapeutiques Innovantes) is an EFS/CHU mixed entity, based on a strong partnership in terms of financial as well as human resources, ruled by a collective agreement. It brings together the technical, scientific and medical expertise essential for the implementation of innovative biological strategies required for the development of clinical or translational research projects in immunology. Thus, the SITI lab assists researchers in their projects for patient characterization and monitoring, understanding of the mechanisms of action of new therapeutic approaches and/or designing innovative clinical protocols promoting individualized medicine.

Clinical research

The SITI lab sets up the immunomonitoring of clinical trials (often multicentric and sometimes international) evaluating innovative treatments involving the immune system. The aims are to dissect the impact of these therapies on given immune cell subsets, as well as to address correlations between immune and clinical parameters to improve patient selection and unravel new biomarkers.

Translational project developed in the SITI lab

The SITI lab conducts translational studies at the interface between fundamental and clinical research, dedicated to a better understanding of the in vivo and in vitro mechanisms supporting treatment efficacy. The long-term goal is to support individualized therapies and build new rationale fueling further combination strategies. Translational projects are carried out along three research axes:

  • the study of the molecular mechanisms of novel anti-tumor therapies in lymphomas,
  • the analysis of immunosuppressive properties of mesenchymal stromal cells, a cell therapy product under evaluation for the treatment of immune disorders,
  • the exploration of the immunosuppressive mechanisms responsible for increased risk of patients in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to hospital-acquired infections.